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Please play nice!

This season we've made a few changes to the two main races, with a few categories moving from the morning to the afternoon race to try and balance things out and improve the quality of racing for people in those categories. Coupled with the increase in numbers we've seen in most categories this season and a shorter average lap length, this can feel as though it's getting busier out there!

We just don't have enough time to give each category their own race with the course to themselves, so everyone has to share. We're happy to look at alternatives such as adding a third 'main' race, but we need to be aware of the effect this would have on course practice time and volunteer marshal requirements etc.

With a number of categories on course at the same time, overtaking is part of racing in our series. There has to be some give and take from everyone to make this work, but when attempting to pass a rider in a different category, please respect the fact they are in their race, not yours! Our Racing Guide explains how to overtake courteously.

As series organisers and fellow bike racers we know that - with adrenaline levels up - frustration can be difficult to deal with, but we don't accept that rude and aggressive conduct is part of bike racing, and we are not prepared to tolerate it at our events. We have a great community in mountain bike racing and nobody wants anyone to come away from a race feeling upset or intimidated by the words or actions of another rider.

This is sport, you have to act in a sporting manner at all times. Our next round is at a popular country park on a bank holiday weekend - be an ambassador for mountain bike racing!

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