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2020 season - not what we wanted

Hi everyone, hope you're all OK.

You've probably noticed we've not been chasing you all to enter the this month's planned Scottish champs which means you've probably realised it's not happening.

Lockdown may have been eased, but organised events like ours are still likely to be some way from being possible so unfortunately our 2020 season started and ended at Beecraigs back in March.

Like so many people we’re disappointed but hopeful that we can return to something resembling normality next year. We do expect though that there will have to be a number of changes in the way things are run before that can happen, and we’re working with Scottish Cycling on some of the practicalities involved.

If it’s possible then we’re keen to try and put on an event later this year to give us a chance to test out some revised procedures ahead of next season but this is some way off at the moment, as you'll hopefully understand.

One thing that will be different next season is race timing, as our friend Mark Young will no longer be able to take care of that for us. We’re gutted about this, as Mark has been a great friend of the SXC for a long time - what he doesn’t know ain’t worth knowing! I’m sure we’re not alone in wanting to say thank you for everything he’s done for us over the years.

Really wish we could have some more definite news on getting back to racing, but at the moment we’re afraid we just don’t. In the meantime we just hope you’re all getting out on your bikes for fun and enjoying the rest of the summer.

Your SXC team

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