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Scottish Championships 2019 - ask us anything!

Ahead of our next round - also the Scottish champs for 2019 - at Lochore Meadows on August 11 (enter HERE!), here’s our attempt to try and explain how our SXC categories line up with the Scottish XC championship categories.

“How complicated can this be?” we thought. Turns out…

Who can be a Scottish champion?

You can, if you’re old enough to be in the Juvenile category or older, hold a current full British Cycling race licence and you satisfy any of the following criteria:

a) SC/BC members (members of clubs affiliated to SC).

b) Scottish Nationals (persons born in Scotland).

c) Scottish Residents (persons who have lived in Scotland for three of the last five years).

d) Persons who have at least one parent who was born in Scotland.

e) Members of the armed forces who meet none of the above, but who by necessity are required to live in Scotland away from their normal residence.

Persons in sections (b), (c), (d) and (e) must be members of a UCI recognised Cycling Federation.

(technical regulation 18.1.2, fact fans)

Which categories?

This is the full list of Scottish XC championship categories:

  • Juvenile (U14) female & male [morning race]

  • Youth (U16) female & male [morning race]

  • Junior (U18) female & male [afternoon race]

  • Senior female & male [afternoon race]

  • Master (30-39) female & male [afternoon race]

  • Veteran (40-49) female [morning race]

  • Veteran (40-49) male [afternoon race]

  • Grand Veteran (50-59) female [morning race]

  • Grand Veteran (50-59) male [afternoon race]

  • Super Veteran (60+) female [morning race]

  • Super Veteran (60+) male [morning race]

You’ll notice there’s no age attached to the Senior titles. If you are older than Junior and fit the criteria above, you are entitled to contest the Senior title.

Can I win more than one category?

No! If you enter a race with more than one category at stake, you have to declare which category you are contesting. You cannot win another title by default.

Where’s the Sport category title?

There isn’t one, sorry! Our SXC race categories don’t line up exactly with the Scottish championship categories.

If you race Sport, you are entitled to contest the Senior title or (if you’re aged 30-39) the Master title, but to do so you have to enter the Elite/Expert race. You’re not obliged to do so, there will be a non-championship Sport race as usual.

Can I contest the Senior or Master title and still get Sport points?

Afraid not - the Elite/Expert (championship) and Sport (non-championship) races are separate. Sport riders have a choice to make!

Where do the championship categories fit into the SXC race day timetable?

Mostly as you would expect - the category list above shows which race each championship category fits into. The female Veteran, Grand Veteran and Super Veteran categories will start at the same time in the morning’s Vet Female race, and will race for the same number of laps. SXC points for Vet Female (regardless of championship category) will be awarded in the usual way.

Do I need to do anything different to enter?

A little bit - if you’re entering a race with a championship title at stake, you’ll be asked which of the criteria listed above you satisfy. Remember you only need to satisfy one.

If you’re entering the Elite/Expert race, you’ll also be asked to specify which championship category you wish to contest - Senior or Master. Remember you can only contest the one you declare!

You also need to enter two weeks beforehand - those are the rules!

Make sense?

We hope so, but if we’ve missed something, just ask us or Scottish Cycling. We look forward to welcoming you to Lochore Meadows in August!

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