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Introducing... the SXC Finishometer!

Ever found yourself nearing the end of your race wondering whether or not it's all over? Ever carried on for an extra lap that didn't count? Ever come off the course thinking it was over when it wasn't?

With multiple categories on course at the same time, it can be difficult to know sometimes! Using a bell or lap boards would probably be more chaotically entertaining than useful, so here at SXC towers we put our heads together and came up with The Finishometer

Just beyond the finish line, you'll see a tall board split in two halves. One side is KEEP GOING, the other side is FINISH. Each category in the race has its own plate, purple for female categories, blue for male categories. All plates start on the KEEP GOING side as the race gets underway.

As the leading rider in each category crosses the line to take the win, that category's plate is then moved from KEEP GOING to FINISHED. All other riders in that category can then see that their race is FINISHED. And they can stop, in the knowledge their race is done!

Make sense?

We think it's simple, so we asked a helper to demonstrate:

Youth Female, you're finished!

Lap 1 underway

We're going to give it a bash at round 4 this weekend - hopefully it helps avoid some confusion!

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