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Scottish Championships Eligibility

We've had a few queries about the Scottish Champs at Glentress on 3rd September and eligibility to enter. The good news is that anyone can race on the day to gain SXC series points, but you must hit some specific criteria to also be eligible for a Scottish Championship medal.

Here are the official details.

The Scottish Cycling National Cross Country MTB Championships 2017 are open to all competitors but to be eligible to win a Scottish Cycling Championship medal riders must have a valid full racing license and also meet at least one of the following eligibility criteria for the event.

  1. Be a member of a club affiliated to the Scottish Cycling

  2. Have been born in Scotland

  3. Have been resident in Scotland for three of the last five years?

  4. One or more of your parents were born in Scotland

  5. Are a member of the armed forces who meet none of the above, but who by necessity are required to live in Scotland away from their normal residence.

Competitors who do not meet any of the above eligibility criteria may still enter and compete in the event but will not be able to contest a Scottish Cycling National Championship Medal.

Scottish Cycling National Championship Medals will be awarded in the following categories for both male and female individual:

  • Juvenile

  • Youth

  • Junior

  • Senior (Sport*, Expert and Elite category riders)

  • Veteran

  • Grand Veteran

  • Super Veteran

* Sport Category riders wishing to contest Senior Championship will need to complete the Elite/Expert race distance

Competitors wishing to contest the Scottish Cycling, Cross Country MTB, National Championships must meet one of the above eligibility criteria, pre enter the event and have submitted their entry to the organiser by the closing date and have a valid full racing license.

Entries for the National Championship will close at 23:59hrs on Sunday 20th August 2017

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