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Sponsorship Opportunities

We wanted to keep you guys updated with some of the things that the committee are continually working on in the background to keep developing the SXC series.

One of our big aims is to get some more sponsorship for SXC. This will open up a few more opportunities for the series and you guys as racers too. (How about the potential for National Jerseys? is that incentive enough? :-)

We've even roped in the support of some of the most successful riders to come out of the series in the last few years to encourage sponsors.

We have created a sponsorship pack that we're approaching prospective companies with, but also wanted to share this with you all too. We believe the SXC community as a whole is much more powerful that just the committee working in isolation.

We do have a more in depth pack for prospective sponsors which has a more info about specific sponsorship details and needs which we are able to share with interested businesses.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? We'd love to hear from you, any of your friends or colleagues who may be interested in working with us to make the SXC Series one of the best in the country.

Please take a look at the pack below by clicking on the image, if you can help in any way get in touch via or the form on the website.


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