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Interested in becoming a MTB commissaire?

Commissaires are the race officials who volunteer at cycling events to ensure they are conducted in a safe and fair manner. They are involved in everything from pre-race briefings to race monitoring and reporting. Commissaires work closely with other volunteers such as the event organisers, marshals and, depending on the discipline, other volunteer groups as well as the competitors themselves.

Training for Commissaires consists of a pre-course online module and a one day training session. This qualifies you as a Trainee commissaire. At your training session you are given a logbook to complete. You work through this logbook in your own time, attending events to increase your knowledge and experience in different areas of being a Commissaire at a cycling event. The logbook is signed off by the Chief Commissaire (or another qualified Commissaire who is mentoring you) after each event so you can see your progress and know what areas you are competent in and which areas you need to develop. For example you may have a strong technical knowledge of the XC MTB but no experience managing a feed zone or completing a levy form. Once the Trainee has successfully completely the required roles in their logbook and feels ready, they then send in their logbook to be checked by Scottish Cycling. Scottish Cycling can then recommend that Trainee for upgrade to be fully qualified Regional level XC MTB Commissaires.

More information on the training pathway can be found below

. Commissaires must hold a minimum of Bronze level British Cycling membership, this covered the individual under our event insurance.

It really is a rewarding role where you can make new friends, increase your own skills and help events across Scotland run smoothly and to a high standard no matter the level of competition.

The best way to learn more is to get out there at events! Shadowing a qualified Commissaire is an excellent way to understand the role and see if it is for you. Contact us via to be linked with a Commissaire near you.

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