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2017 British XC Dates and Venues Announced

Many of you will have now seen the dates and venues for the 2017 British XC Series, which were announced this yesterday.

There is no Scottish date, and we would like to provide explanation for this.

As you will know, we are recruiting for a new volunteer Chair of the SXC Association and other key roles. We, as the current committee, felt it was too big an ask to bid for a British XC Series event, when some key members would not be involved in running it.

We took this decision in discussion will all the members of the current SXC committee, and Scottish and British Cycling.

A British XC Series event is a colossal volunteer effort, with many months of work prior to the event, days of work at the venue required to stage the event, and it is extremely challenging to balance the books. For the incoming Chair and new committee members, we wish their focus to be on getting to grips with the Scottish XC races and to continue their success.

We have run two consecutive years of successful British XC races, including the Championships last year, and feel that this has helped and supported Scottish rider’s development and attracted riders from down South to ride in SXC events.

As part of the handover to the new Chair and committee, we will pass on this knowledge of the process of bidding for and running a British level event, to hopefully return the series to Scotland in 2018.

We would like to thank all of the riders and helpers from Scotland and further afield who have attended and supported in the running of the British XC events over the past couple of years.

The full British XC Series dates can be found here:

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