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Exciting opportunities at SXC

After three very rewarding years, Steve Brown is stepping down as Chair of SXC.

A combination of new work commitments and holidays makes it impossible for Steve to give 100% for the 2017 season, so, it's time to hand over to another enthusiastic pair of hands (or several pairs).

Announcinf his decision to the SXC committee, Steve said, "I've thouroughly enjoyed my time in the Chair. It's always a buzz seeing riders sprinting from the start line, on time and coming back with any combination of blood, sweat and tears but always a big smile".

Tracy will also be taking a lesser role. And we already know that, with Ben moving up to Juvenile, Iain will also be moving on from the fantastic Under 12 Series that he's been key in developing.

So, to make sure 2017 continues with the same success as the last few years, we need new blood to come forward now.

There are opportunities for Chair, treasurer, events co-ordinator, prize and podium co-ordinator. The more the workload is shared out, the easier it is.

So, please come forward and have a chat with Steve or any of the other committee members to see how you can contribute to the continuing success of SXC.

And remember, this needs to happen NOW - dates are already being set and the new Chair and committee will be key to setting next season's calendar.

See you at Blairadam and Forfar and look forward to your support.

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