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Dales/SXC Round1 results now posted.

Under 12 Podium stars. Dales/SXC Round 1 Laggan

Results for the Dales/SXC Round 1 Under 12 races are now posted.

Well done to all our young riders who took part - a record 83!

Sorry for the delay in getting results posted - there were some issues on the day with over-zealous parents helping their kids during the race and obstructing other riders.

It has taken some time to decide the best way to resolve this issue.

The SXC committee will not tolerate this type of behaviour from irresponsible parents.

However, we feel that it would be unfair to change the podium positions that were presented on the day. The Under 8 kids are not responsible for their parents' actions and so the result will stand.

The Under 8 Boys Series points will be null and void. This allows all our young riders to start afresh and their best 4 results from the remaining 5 races will count as their Series standing. No other categories are affected by this decision and they will all count their best 5 results from 6.

There will be a clear set of rules for the Under 12 races posted on the website before the next round at Dunoon.

Any further violations of the rules will result in disciplinary action.

I can only apologise to the Under 8 boys who were affected by the unsporting behaviour of a few. But, I can assure you that this will not be allowed to happen again.

I look forward to seeing you at Dunoon, a new and exciting adventure across the water for SXC.

I'm happy to receive any comments or queries at

Many thanks, Steve and the team.

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