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SXC Team Competition Rules 2015

The Cross Country Series of races is run under the current rules of the

Scottish Cyclists’ Union (SCU), these series rules and, where appropriate, the British Cycling (BC) Mountain Bike Regulations.

1 Events

The Series will consist of 6 events, including the Scottish Championships.

Incorporated within this series is the Teams Competition. All riders for all eligible teams will gain points for their team.

2 Race Entries

All competitors in the Teams Competition must be entered and race in the correct categories under the Series Rules.

3 Registration of Teams

Clubs or Teams must be SCU registered.

3 Awarding of points

Points will be awarded according to the Series Competition Rules for individuals i.e. 35 for 1st, 30 for 2nd, 25 for 3rd …….…..2 for 24th, 1 for 25th.

Riders in the Taster and U12 categories are not eligible for the Teams Competition.

4 Scope of Competition

All 6 SXC rounds will count for the Teams Competition.

If two teams finish the year with identical points, the winning position will be awarded to the team with the highest points total at the Scottish Championships.

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