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Racing Guide (updated 2018- Please read)

This is only intended as a guide, full rules are available on the website. Scottish Cross-Country (SXC) is a series of six off-road mountain bike races, run from March to September. One of the races will include the Scottish Championships. The series has races from age 12 to Super-Vet (60+). There is also an Under-12s short race at each round.

General information:

Race day schedule can be found at the bottom of the page.

You must have a helmet, and bar plugs on your bike. Other than that, you can enter using almost any bike, as long as it doesn’t have an engine!

Results will be available by the end of the day and on-line, check them as most timing errors can be sorted out on the day.

Any rider found going to the toilet, not in one of the toilets available will be instantly disqualified.

We are unable to refund entires but we can transfer them where possible so please contact us (

The wearing of GoPros or similar cameras is not allowed on race day on the course.

Entires Online entries are through the British Cycling Federation (BCF) website and are available until the Friday at midday before the race, this helps us plan for numbers. With the exception to Scottish Championships which close 2 weeks before. See the Enter Online page of the SXC website.

We are only accepting on-the-day entires for Taster, U10 and U8 categories.

Licences- Elites must have a BCF race licence. All other categories can race without a licence but if you want to gain British Ranking points, you will need one.

If you do have a licence please bring it to show at sign-on this is good practice for British Races where they are essential.

Categories/ the course The course is usually 4-5km and a lap should take between 15-25 minutes. The course is generally made up of firetrack, singletrack, steep climbs and challenging descents. As the race caters for everyone up to Elite riders, there will be some technically difficult sections. Remember, there is also the Taster category for those who just want to give it a go. At the bottom of this page is the estimated times each category will be racing for. The course is open the Saturday afternoon before the race for pre-riding. We will aim for 1.00pm but it will depend if there are any issues with the commissars walk.

This will not be marshalled or covered by 1st Aiders so please ride accordingly. We strongly recommend that you ride the course and decide what sections are within your capabilities. Remember, you can run sections if you feel safer but you are not allowed to run down an A-line (unless you are already on it when you crash!) We will post lap numbers the night before on our Facebook page and at registration.

Race Day

On race day, park up there will be parking sign-posted at each venue and there may be a small charge.

Look for the big, blue SXC sign-on tent. Sign-on is open from 9.00am where you will receive your race number and timing chip. Please don’t ask to sign on before 9.00am as we are very busy setting up! If possible, please bring the correct change for on the day entries if you can.

Make your way to the Start Line 15 minutes before the start of the race to allow time to grid categories. See Race Day Timetable for full details.

During the race, if you hear the shout ‘Rider!’ from behind, you should allow the faster rider to pass safely when possible, though you are not expected to stop or put your foot down. Equally, if you are overtaking, shout clearly ‘Rider on the left/right!’ and wait for them to allow overtaking. Remember, everyone is racing for a place in their own category and they deserve your courtesy, so please no swearing! See the Rules for full details on overtaking. When you finish your race, clear the finishing area promptly as other riders will still be coming through. Return your number board and timing chip to the box at the finishing area.

Now, relax and enjoy that post-race glow and attend the podium ceremony which will usually take place at roughly 2.30pm for the morning races and 4.15pm for the afternoon ones.

Pits (feed zone/ technical zone)

If you are doing multiple laps, you should take your water bottles (and a feeder!) to the Feed Zone/ Technical Zone - pits. This is usually near the Start/Finish area.

Pit rules- pits are for anyone racing- in the pits or ‘feed zone’ you may receive food or drink or you may stop and pick these up yourself. You are allowed outside assistance in here with mechanicals here also allowed to do a wheel change if a puncture occurs. You are not allowed to do a bike, frame or fork change. There will be a a line drawn on the ground in the pits and your help is not allowed to cross this. Each rider is allowed one pit helper who must wear a pit band. You are not allowed to ride or push your bike the wrong way round the course to the pits. So if you have passed them and then have an issue you must continue around the course or risk being disqualified (DQ). Further you are not allowed any help from any other rider or spectator outside of the pits. You may fix your bike yourself with anything you are carrying but if you accept tools or help from anyone you will be DQ Photographers-

We will post links to any photos on our Facebook. Professional photographer please drop us an email if you are coming and we advise you come to the marshals briefing. All photographers and spectators must ensure their own and racers safety at all times or be asked to leave. Do not stand or walk where possible inside the taped course and marshals are there for your own safety so please listen to their advice. Enjoy your day!

For further information, follow the links on this site or email with any other queries.

Approximate race times for each category.


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